Leading the way in medical corporate social responsibility

Healthcare-centered CSR.

Corporate social responsibility plays an important role in our business plan, but also in our daily operations . Our products contribute to - and impacts communities in many ways. As a result, we’re in a perfect position to have a profound and positive effect on the people around us.


We aim to be a responsible contributor in local communities and have a positive effect on global health through large-scale, long-term initiatives. We are taking action in several areas:

  • Health and wellbeing: To support the health and vitality of our communities.
  • Supporting hospitals and healthcare institutions: 


At Tega Group, we aim to do business with integrity, and accountability to our customers is at the heart of our approach. We’re pursuing two key goals in this area:

  • Transparency and traceability: Enabling the transparency and traceability of the ingredients and materials used in our products. 
  • Ethical sourcing: Protecting human rights and supporting diverse suppliers by driving ethical sourcing practices across our supply chain.  


Our corporate group has a significant impact on the environment, but through our commitment to CSR we  drive large-scale initiatives to reduce that impact. Here’s what we’re doing to help protect and preserve the environment:

  • Energy: Reduction of energy consumption on a comparable basis, as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP).
  • Waste: Reduction of waste and contribution to the drive towards circular economies. Our main goal is to reduce the percentage of single-use plastics in our products.


As part of our commitment to pharmaceutical corporate social responsibility, we are striving to create a workplace that makes our employees feel supported, appreciated, and valued.

  • Equal opportunities: Deliver equal opportunities for everyone across employment practices, policies, and procedures.
  • Health and safety: Assuring that all products are sourced though BSCI-certified suppliers.